Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht

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Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht

“The first wealth is health”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Lijnbaansgracht Practice offers various body-oriented therapies and movement lessons to enable you to attain this wealth.

 Our body is wonderful instrument, although there are times when it doesn’t function as well as we would like.
At the Lijnbaansgracht Practice, independent, experienced and professional therapists and practitioners all strive for top quality, practising a rich spectrum of various disciplines.

 The Lijnbaansgracht Practice lets various workspaces on weekdays and at weekends, per hour or for a morning, afternoon or evening, on the basis of availability. Whether you are an independent therapist or you work in another field, you are welcome to use it for your own individual business


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Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht

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